Classes begins Oct. 26th! Due to the COVID19 pandemic, our parish is looking into the best way to offer these classes for this year. All classes will be virtual throughout the year.

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If you are interested in attending RCIA, please contact the parish office at 312.421.3122 and leave a message for Connie D’Agostino.

RCIA/Adult Religious Ed Blog is up and running.

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The RCIA Program is designed for those who are…

  • …unbaptized and wish to be fully initiated into the Catholic Faith.
  • …baptized in another Christian faith but wish to become Catholic.
  • …baptized as a Catholic but have not received their Sacrament of First Communion and Confirmation

This program is also extended to those who wish to complete their Sacrament of Confirmation:  Adult Religious Education

Classes are offered in English and in Spanish.