RCIA/Adult Religous Ed Blogsite is up and running.

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The RCIA Program is designed for those who are…

  • …unbaptized and wish to be fully initiated into the Catholic Faith.
  • …baptized in another Christian faith but wish to become Catholic.
  • …baptized as a Catholic but have not received their Sacrament of First Communion and Confirmation

This program is also extended to those who wish to complete their Sacrament of Confirmation:  Adult Religious Education

Classes are offered in English and in Spanish.

Please come to the office to register.

Classes in English begins on Wednesday, October 9, 2019.  The class times & dates has been changes: Click here for an updated list

For more information and classes in English, please visit the RCIA/Adult Religious Ed website: https://smaddolorata.blogspot.com/

For classes in Spanish, the dates are to be determined…Please contact the parish office for more information.